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Building Decoration

Have you ever been in the dilemma of making your dream home come true but got stuck and do not know where to start? You have plenty of amazing ideas running in your mind; your children are all jumping in excitement and could not wait to spend time in their own treasured rooms! Yet, you are lost in choosing the most reliable contractor who could take care of all the activities until handing over?

Wherever you are at, construction is the leading industry in all market economies. We, in Building Decoration believe that each project is “unique” differing in nature and type from each other and from that viewpoint, we understand your needs.

Building Decoration started as a contracting company specializing in Interior Design in 2007 which recently evolved into a specialist in “construction management” due to the anticipated demand in project supervision and execution. We are the very first company to offer this kind of customized Client-based solution in Qatar.

As a “construction management” firm we act as a bridge between you, our valued Client vis a vis Subcontractors which are carefully chosen by our experts. Being the Client, you have the chance of personally running the flow of the construction process by dealing directly with the wide-range selection of Subcontractors we provide. In such way, you have full control of your budget and you have the flexibility of changing material and supplies depending on your own personal taste and specifications.

Building Decoration desires to add value to your home. We offer an open-mind, friendly consultative approach to our Clients where our team are highly trained and committed in providing you high quality service.